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    Work From Home Senior Python Backend Developer

    BairesDev is proud to be the fastest-growing company in America. Withpeople all over the world and world-class clients, we are only asstrong as our multicultural teams.

    To consistently deliver the highestquality solutions, we only hire the Top 1% of the best talents and wechallenge them on exciting projects.

    Senior Python BackendDeveloper / Research + Development at BairesDev We are lookingfor outstanding Senior Python Backend Developers to join BairesDevResearch & Development Team (R&D).

    Our R&D team is an essentialpart of our technology solutions that drive millions in revenue everyyear, so we only hire the best of the best.

    What You'lldo:

    • Create automation systems and tools to configure,monitor, and orchestrate data infrastructure and pipelines.
    • Create data integration services to help onboard new customers asquickly as possible.

    Here's what we are looking for:
    -5+ years of practical experience in Python and Djangodevelopment.

    • Experience in development with objectorientedprogramming is desirable.
    • 3 years of development using otherprogramming languages.
    • Advanced English level. How we domake your work (and your life) easier: 100% remote work.
    • Hardware setup for your WFH.
    • Flexible hours.
    • Paid parentalleave, vacation & holidays.
    • Diverse and multicultural workenvironment.
    • Excellent compensation — well above the marketaverage. BairesDev is a place only for those who dream high &work hard to get there, those who love what they do & know thatworking as a team they'll do even better. BairesDev is a placefor those who are never satisfied with the first solution #J18808Ljbffr